Wellfound Chocolate

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Wellfound Chocolate is a small business based in Boston that specializes in the production of small-batch, direct trade artisanal chocolate bars. Wellfound’s name comes from our client’s love for all things nautical, as a wellfound ship is one that’s well-stocked and ready to set sail. We jumped into this branding and packaging project with nothing but our client’s killer dark chocolate recipe and his wish for the brand to incorporate nautical themes.



We began our first meeting by leading our client through multiple brand exercises to tease out the main elements he’d like to see represented in the brand. We then gathered inspiration through moodboards, pictured below, to visually represent the three primary brand directions our client liked most.


Moodboards help to bring abstract ideas down to earth, and allows the client to give feedback on design ideas early in the process. Because of this exercise we found out that while our client at first indicated he was more interested in a bright and textured brand, after seeing the three moodboards, he was actually much more drawn to a combination of modern, bold, and delicate brand elements.


We presented two color palette options, the first with soft shades of bright hues with an emphasis on clean whites, and the second with stronger, bolder colors with an emphasis on natural parchment. Our client resonated strongly with the second direction because of its natural feel. Moving forward with the typefaces and color palette, we determined with our client that a geometric, bold look with pops of color would drive the rest of the process.


We then turned to logo design. Logo designs took inspiration from the name’s nautical origins, using the motifs of waves, shorelines, ship flags, and ropes during the iteration process.


We initially presented five logos to our client. After some reflection, our client chose three logos he liked best with some tweaks he’d like to see for each one. When our client couldn’t part with any of the logo directions, we put them in context on a few different packaging designs so we could see how the logo functioned in practice


The final logo we all decided on was the abstracted idea of a boat’s waterline. This logo made the most sense based on our client’s needs, since the form stays consistent and is easily recognizable across various mediums, but the pop of color can change to allow flexibility for new product lines or different brand implementations.


For the bar’s packaging, our client’s main goal was to differentiate Wellfound’s product from the other bars it would be sharing shelfspace with. We once again presented three different directions as a starting point for our client to consider and discussed the pros / cons of each direction in great detail with him.


We also did some poking around at various grocery stores and compared our designs with the chocolate bars on the shelves to test which of our designs was most successful. After testing edits on each packaging direction, our client settled on a final direction that really pops off the shelf and differentiates itself because of the unique layout, color, and composition.


For our final meeting with our client, we 3D printed a mock chocolate bar to show what the final round of packaging would look like. We prepared all design files in a folder which we handed off to our client, along with transition documents that provided in-depth knowledge about how to edit the documents for copy changes, as well as how to speak about design files to vendors.


We were so excited to get to work with Wellfound Chocolate and can't wait to see all the amazing things they do!